Medical cosmetic clinic in Milan

Betar Medical is a new medical cosmetic clinic in Milan. Our team provides a wide range of high quality face and body treatments, using the most recent and non-invasive techniques. We focus on our patients health and wellness, welcoming them in a pleasant, comfortable and safe environment.

Our facility consists of three areas: consultations, treatments, and an outpatient surgical room for surgeries held under local anesthesia.

The surgical room is also available for rent.

Our specialists provides consultations for:

  • Dermatology
  • Urology
  • Gynaecology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Otorhinolaryngologist
  • Endocrinology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Instrumental Physiotherapy
  • Dietetics
  • Orthopaedics
  • Immunology
  • General surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Anti-stress and Anti-aging Treatments