Kleresca: a new treatment for skin rejuvenation

Kleresca treatment was inspired to photosynthesis and increases cell collagen up to 400%. This method improves skin complexion by inducing the production of collagen, reducing pore size, removing wrinkles and diminishing scars.

Kleresca skin rejuvenation method is suitable for treating body areas such as face, neck, cleavage and hands. It consists of one session per week for 4 weeks.

The procedure is divided into three steps:

  1. Application of the Kleresca skin rejuvenation gel on the treated area
  2. Illumination of the gel for 9 minutes with a Kleresca multi-LED lamp in order to create a fluorescent energy that stimulates the skin
  3. Gel removal

After the procedure, skin appears clear and moisturized and the benefits of Kleresca are visible for a long time after the therapy.


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