Hair transplant how does it work

During each session, it is possible to transplant up to a maximum of hair 4000/5000, which depends on the conditions of the area from which they are removed. The number of transplantable hair limitation is due to the risk of a partial taking root, so, for a better result, you need to undergo several sessions of transplant. However, we have to consider that generally the common baldness is progressive, and future transplants could be impeded by a poor donor area of transplantable hair. Therefore it is important to preserve the area for future transplants.
Once you have done the transplant, already after 48 hours, you can wash your hair with the products indicated by the surgeon for the post-operative period. The washing should be done every day for the whole following month after the operation, because the sebaceous secretions are more intense in this stage.
More specifically, transplanted hair behave like: the outside part of the hair falls after 15-20 days after the microfollicular. The hair in the affected area, begin to grow back after about three months, but the actual result of the operation will be seen after about 6 months. In some and rare cases a regrowth is occured also after 10-12 months.