Hair transplant before and after

The patient who wants to undergo microsurgery for hair transplantation, depending on the depth of the area where you need to operate and the number of the hair in the area from where the micrografts will be picked up, he will have a visible outcome soon after the transplant.
The surgery takes place in a clinc and the patient is undergone local anesthesia, after which no type of bandage is applied and after a few days the patient can return to his normal activities.
Two days after the surgery you can proceed with hair washing, while after 10 days you must return to the doctor to remove the stitches of the donor area.
After three months starts the process of transplanted hair regrowth and within 6 months the hair will have grown of few centimeters.
This type of operation allows the majority of patients to obtain satisfying results in the comparing before and after transplant.